About Us

Snowave Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company established since year 2002, with the objective of providing safe and healthy drinking water to public. The company obtained the water purification license from Ministry of Health in the following year, KKM 163(52/B/82). With the accreditation from MOH, Snowave gained the higher confidence to serve the public better.

Today, as a trusted drinking water supplier, Snowave supplies not only RO water but also other well-liked drinking water i.e. Alkaline, Mineral and Distilled drinking water. The water filtration systems are made of advanced technology and equipped with high quality filters to ensure the water is clean and safe for drinking purpose.

With different demands from the market, Snowave started to expand the business line into the water dispenser market. This provides more option to consumers to choose either bottled water dispenser or pipeline water dispenser at their convenience. In addition, Snowave also offers the dispenser rental option to clients, enjoying healthy water source at much affordable level.

Snowave started with the customer base mainly from offices and residential. However, enquiries from industries begin to come in at later stage, requesting Snowave to design and build industrial grade water filtration system. Installation, testing and commissioning of pre-filtration system, RO water system and DI water system are done to food, chemical, cosmetic industries & etc.

Mineral Water Supplier Malaysia

Snowave is a trusted Mineral Water Supplier in Malaysia, which is able to provide Water Filter, Water Dispenser, and Private Label Water.